Sunday, November 16, 2008

See ya next "Fall"

I might criticize those who don't update their blog often enough but now I realize that I have fallen a victim as well!! Opps!

We have been busy with just the usual day to day activities. I will try to summarize any updates:

He is growing up so quickly. A couple weeks ago he was refusing to sleep in his crib. When we would put him down for a nap or to bed and he would just scream. He has always been a good sleeper and at this point we wondered what to do. He wanted to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed but we refuse to lose our bed to our children. In compromise, we disassembled his crib and converted it into a "big boy bed." Carson now loves to go to sleep in his Big Boy Bed!!

We had some pictures of him taken last week. Diane did a great job.... Here are a few of our un-edited favorites (and yes Kylie, that shirt is the one that you got him for Easter! Thank you!):

I will be 12 weeks on Tuesday. The doctor say everything seems good so far. I got to hear it's heartbeat at the last visit. This pregnancy has been very different from my first one with Carson. I have been more nauseous, ridiculously tired and suffering from terrible migraines! Food disgusts me most of the time. All in all, I just feel miserable. I seriously don't remember being this miserable with Carson. Everyone that has multiple children says that the second pregnancy is always harder because you are chasing after your first born and the excitement of being pregnant has worn off. To those who "LOVE" being pregnant... Eat your words because I HATE being pregnant!!! And to those of you who are going to respond with, "well, maybe this one is a girl," bite your words too, because it just might be another boy!!!

How is Steve you ask? Good. Just busy at work as usual. He has been having a bit of a back problem and is in a lot of pain. He strained it on our last day at Bass Lake over the summer and it seems to be only getting worse. He went to the doctor last week and still has no resolution to the problem, whatever the problem might be.

Daddy and Carson actually just got to spend some quality time together this weekend as Mommy ventured off to a scrapbooking retreat in Shaver. It was fantastic! The weather was unbelievably beautiful and I managed to get closer to completing 2007!!

We are in quite a dilemma with our new home builder right now. Not quite sure what is going to happen at this point. They poorly hand textured our walls that we requested and now they are unwilling to negotiate because they know that our house is not going to appraise and we refuse to pay more than the appraised value. We have sent our contract to an attorney and are waiting for a letter from the home builder as to the next steps. I would love to have our $30K deposit back and walk away but highly doubt that is going to happen. That would be best case scenario. Worst case scenario, we just walk away and lose the $30K. Happy medium is that the home builder is willing to compromise with us and we will have a new house towards the end of January 2009. I will keep you posted.