Monday, November 30, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving

In following trend, I have come to realize that blogging can be made simple by making lists. Today's blog shall be right there keeping up with the Jones', Wilsons, Hayes, future Crossmans, etc. You get the idea. However, don't get this weeks "LIST" confused with the ever so popular "Top 10" lists out there.

Disclaimer: This is just a bulleted list of Thanksgiving Highlights to keep it simple. If you want this weeks coveted top ten list see: Third of Six or even Kylie, since 1982.

What I was thankful for this Thanksgiving
(in no particular order)
  • Our Cabin at Bass Lake - We were fortunate enough to celebrate Thanksgiving this year at our new cabin at Bass Lake with great family and friends.

  • Nana and Grandpa - They hosted a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was great but the stuffing....well, maybe next year dad will just let me make Stove Top.

  • The Souza Family - Barbara, Alex, Jessica and Zachary stayed with us to make this year's Thanksgiving that much more fun!

  • The opportunity to take many families' (Calling all grammar Nazi's.. is my apostrophe in the right place? You guys make me nervous about this blogging stuff.) pictures

  • Carson and Jane - We found these two kissin' cousins hanging out in the back bedroom laying in bed reading books together. So CUTE I almost cried.

  • Stephen and his new girlfriend - Yes, for those of you who don't know, my brother is going through a divorce and is currently dating Jennifer Delton (aka: Auntie Ging) who is also going through a divorce. They managed to find love amid their despair. I am glad that they are both happy now. Ging, her mom and the kids joined us for Thanksgiving dinner. It was great to have them there considering I already consider them family.

  • Our fireplace at the cabin - What is a winter holiday without bundling up in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate.

  • Brownies in a special pan that makes every piece a corner piece (Jealousy is not flattering on you.)

  • The endless appetizer table that was put out just in time for dinner and hardly got eaten. (Check out that turkey compliments of Barbara.)

  • Janey's pies - Apple, Pecan or Pumpkin... you choose. Yummmmmmmmm.

  • My Family - I love them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top 10 Things I am looking forward to this holiday season!!

As a follow up to my last post about making an effort to be excited about the holidays this year, I decided to copy the trend (I hear that is the highest form of flattery) and share with you my "Top Ten Things That I Am Looking Forward To This Holiday Season!!"

TEN: I am looking forward to decorating our house AND the cabin at Bass Lake

NINE: I am looking forward to walking down Christmas Tree Lane with the Hallier Family

EIGHT: I am looking forward to Holiday Baking

As you can see, we have already started baking!!

SEVEN: I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays at Bass Lake with Family and Friends

SIX: I am looking forward to seeing the look on Carson's face when he wakes up on Christmas morning to realize that Santa Clause left some presents for him.

FIVE: I am looking forward to celebrating Brady's 1st Christmas

FOUR: I am looking forward to Cookies Parties. (kinda the same a holiday baking but better, because it is with friends!!)

THREE: I am looking forward to taking family pictures for our Christmas cards

and others' Christmas cards.

TWO: I am looking forward to having all my Christmas shopping done EARLY this year and not having to step foot into that dreaded mall again this year!!

And the number ONE thing I am looking forward to is being thankful for my wonderful family this holiday season!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Let the Festivities Begin!

I have never been a fan of the holiday season. This time of year has always been a time of stress and havoc for me. I grew up with divorced parents and always had to bounce back and forth between households. I loved spending time with the Tjerrild Family but hated leaving my mom alone.

Then I married a man with a son and divorced parents of his own. Between his mom, dad, real dad, real dad's girlfriend, my mom, my mom's boyfriend, my dad, step mom and Devin, there are practically 423 Christmases to celebrate and 765 presents to buy!! OK, maybe my numbers are a little exaggerated but you get the picture.

One year, Steve and I even tried to run away to Hawaii for Thanksgiving so we wouldn't have to choose who to celebrate with. My dad and Debbie showed up in Hawaii. It was wonderful, but you see my point.

This year I have decided to make a conscious attempt to make the most of and enjoy this holiday season. I have two beautiful children and a healthy family. Carson is excited for Santa to visit and I am determined to make this Christmas extra special for him as it is the first year that he understands what is going on, kinda.

I have already started my Christmas Shopping. I sat at my computer last weekend and ordered almost all my gifts online. I still have a few more to go, but amazing satisfaction knowing that a major portion of my shopping is done. I don't have to fight the crowds at the mall!! Wooo Hooo!! The holiday season is already getting better!

I updated my calendar yesterday and realized that nearly every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from now until Christmas, is completely booked with Holiday activities such as Christmas Parties, walks down Christmas Tree Lane, Cookie Parties, Birthday Parties and even a Wedding.


Let the festivities begin!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Aboard the Patience Train

After reading Cousin Stacey's Blog, I felt that I needed a little blog session of my own to express my recent thoughts, feelings and activities. (PS, I hope I didn't offend anyone with my last post, er... Rant).

Well, life with a 5 month old and an almost 3 year old has been quite, as Stacey would put it," TRYING". I have been stressed out and on the verge of a mental breakdown until just recently when I decided to take a different approach on life because I just couldn't take it any more.

Something had to change.

I couldn't live like that any more.

I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful children. So, I recently made a clear acknowledgement to myself that I needed to enjoy and devote more time to these amazing children. They are growing too quickly and I really need to embrace this time while they are young. So here I announce my deep breath and say "OK" when Carson wants to go to the bathroom for the 6th time in an hour or wants to read 13 books before nap time. We are getting creative with our activities and I am spending less time on the computer.

How is this different than what I had been doing, you wonder?

I used to let these children stress me out. Granted, I am sure to have those days, but hopefully not as often.

I am trying to learn patience. Not my virtue.

When I am with my children, I am devoting my time to them.

When I am by myself, I am devoting time wholly to myself.

And when I am with Steve, I plan to devote my time to him.

I speak of Steve in the future tense because we really haven't had our usual quality time together. That is one thing that I have always prided myself on, making time for my husband. I feel that is what makes our marriage so strong. However, lately, I feel as though we have been lacking in that department. That quality time is just harder with two children. Don't get me wrong, our marriage is still strong, but I am in serious need of some quality STEVE-TIME!!

In the meantime here is an update on my quality time with my children.

All Aboard the Patience Train.

On Tuesday, Mase (Heather), Grant, Angela, Camden, Carson, Brady and I took Amtrak from Fresno to Hanford for lunch at Superior Dairy. We had an amazing day!!

Carson and Grant waiting for the train that was 45 minutes late.

Carson and Grant excited to ride the train.

Brady with some love from Grandma Tjerrild.

Superior Dairy
Home of the most amazing ice cream in the world!!

Well, now I am off to hold true to my vows and spend some time with my children, less on the computer and also pack for a mini scrapbook retreat in Shaver!!! Here's to some ME time tomorrow and getting some scrapbook pages completed. Good bye with 2008!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

I no longer find it funny for you to purchase Giants apparel or paraphernalia for my children. I am the one who dresses my children and wouldn't in my right mind dress my children in opposing team outfits. I am a Dodger fan. Somewhere along the way you all thought it was funny to give us Giants gifts and continue to do so. However, NO ONE seems to give us any DODGER gifts. Yeah, it might have seemed funny the first time, but when EVERY family member and friend continues to give Giants gifts, it isn't funny after the 132nd time.

Christmas is just around the corner and I felt the need to bring this to your attention. Yes, I may be writing this as sort of a joke but, nun-the-less, I am a bit serious too. STOP wasting your money on Giants gifts that just sit in the closet and get dusty!!!!!!

And for the record, the last time I checked, the Giants SUCK!! I know the Dodgers didn't quite make it to the World Series, but when was the last time the Giants won a World Series??? Yeah, that's what I thought!!!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carson had a Widdle Wham

Carson was quietly eating his peanut butter and white butter sandwich until I heard him say, "Mommy, the wham (lamb) is a messy eater."

Running in Circles

"Mommy, wear these shoes. They are my favorite." -Carson

Before children I was the girl who always wore the high heels. I remember being 9 months pregnant, two days before Carson was born to be exact, having lunch and shopping with Kristi R in Fig Garden Village, wearing high heels. I am a firm believer that your butt always looks better in a pair of heels. (No pun intended... "firm". )

However, two children later, I have become a fan of wearing gym shoes in public. I now wear them all the time! Comfort over style has become my mentality.


Yesterday, I was watching Oprah. Yes, Oprah. It was the shoe and handbag extravaganza episode. They made it very clear that the gym shoes needed to stay at the gym, and I was left feeling like a complete fashion faux pas.

So, here and now, on my blog platform, I am declaring to you and only you, because I am sure that you are the only ONE who reads this, that I will no longer wear my gym shoes anywhere other than the gym.

I will find trendy, comfy "other" shoes to narrow the gap from comfort to stylish.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

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