Friday, January 29, 2010

Me... Real and Uncensored

I might lose all 6 of my followers with this post but, I told myself from the beginning that I blog for me, followers and comments are a perk.

If you don't want to learn things about me that you don't want to know, I suggest you stop reading immediately.

Still reading?? Really? You can't say that I didn't warn you.

Cathy Zielske might have her Tales from the Scale, but my diary reads... Dear 125.

A couple things are going on it this mind of mine.

I was first intrigued by a certain half marathon thru the Salinas Wine Country, only later to learn that the date was rescheduled for August 7, 2010, the same date as the Tjerrild Family Picnic.

Second. I recently got into the pool and swam a couple laps while thinking, I should do this more often. At the same time, memories of Steve's swim meet from last spring began to fill my brain and I gained this desire to join the Master's swim team.

Thirdly, I have been attending spin class at the local gym and recently went on a 22 mile ride with my brother up Auberry Road to Sheri's Roadhouse and back.

Side note: I borrowed a bike from Rubber Soul for my bike ride. They put clip peddles on the bike. Needless to say...I clipped in, a car drove by, I couldn't clip out and totally ate shit! Scratched up the bike and all. Opps! Steve might have to buy the bike for me now. Could that have secretly been my plan all along... hmmmmm.?

Now looking back, do you see the pattern?




Yes, visions of a Triathalon are dancing in my head.

Ok... and that leads us back to Dear 125. Here's what I am hoping... that on my quest to accomplish a triathalon, I will find one twenty five!!

So, the purpose of my blog entry finally comes around.

This is me right now, today.

You see... I have a certain photo op in mind for this year's Christmas card that might include a bikini. Here is my plan to be ready...

  • I plan to eat healthier and include fiber in my diet. Yes, I need the fiber for a healthy bowel system. (See, here you go, learning things about me that you may not have wanted to learn.)
  • Exercise (obviously)
  • Remember to take my Thyroid medicine that I am required to take EVERY day, my life depends on it and sometimes I forget.
  • And SEX. I seriously think it is important to have a healthy sex life which in turn promotes a healthy marriage. And the inverse is also true, a healthy marriage promotes a healthy sex life, but for now we are focusing on the sex. (Again, more than you probably wanted to know about me, but let's face it, I am happily married and I am comfortable talking about it.) Especially after TWO children, I feel the need to make the extra effort to make the time for sex.

To help me remember and track these daily (or not so daily) accomplishments, I have created a chart that I have adhered to my bathroom mirror. Sort of a personal tally system.

Here is a look up close:

Yep, complete with the date, checks for the daily accomplishments and even a letter to describe the type of exercise (ie: S-Swim, B-Bike or R-Run). And that big number 136 off to the side. That is my current weight. I am going to weigh in at the end of every week and post my number to the side of my calendar. Hopefully the trend of a declining number will appear in the margin.

Well, here it is, right here in writing, for the world to see and hold me accountable.

My quest has begun.



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I think I can, I think I can...

Carson lives his life through the vision of the little Engine that could.

"Mommy, think I can have some sugar?" - in an attempt to have a piece of candy

"Mommy, think you can set the timer again?" - in an attempt to stay up longer

"Daddy, think you can fix this?" - in an attempt to make Steve feel handy

"Think you can read me a story?" - in an attempt to make my heart melt

Think I love this kid?? Totally.

Photo compliments of Michelle Tandy Photography.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And they were off...

Just like that.

I think this might be something that I could get used to.

Daddy just drove off and took Carson to Preschool. I am left here with my Baby Boo and we are just going to enjoy hanging out, and maybe clean the house a little, until we have to go pick up Carson.

It is going to be nice.

I don't have to take Brady potty every 5 minutes. I can just let him poop in his pants!!

I don't have to come up with creative ways to feed him. I get to just make him a bottle.

I don't have to listen to endless hours of negotiations. What I say goes, well kinda.

I don't have to put him down for a nap six hundred times. I just put him in his crib and he goes to sleep.

I get to enjoy my Brady. He gets me all to himself and I get him all to myself.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Busy is an understatement!!!

Wow! So much has happened since my last blog update. I have been so busy that I just have not taken the time. So, here I resort to a blog of lists to declare my most recent life happenings:

1. Brady started crawling - My life is forever changed. No more just sitting him in the other room while I rant on my computer. I actually have to pay attention to him. Poor little guy even crawled over to me while I was in the shower and did this on the ledge outside the shower:

2. Brady got his 1st tooth

3. Carson turned 3 - He had a garbage truck birthday party complete with a visit from the Garbage Man, who by the way brought him a present!!

4. Carson started preschool - This was a a really difficult decision to make. I felt that Carson needed something more than I was able to provide him at home. After weighing the benefits of preschool verses the cost involved, we are hoping we made the right decision. As loyal friends, we chose a school completely across town (Herndon/99), but owned by our friends, Jon and Amy Pellanda. Yes, call us crazy. It is a 30 minute drive each way. But on day one, after leaving Carson screaming for Mommy, I received a text message photo from Amy of Carson sitting quietly in circle time. All my reservations disappeared and I sobbed. My little boy is growing up.

5. Carson got a cold.

6. Steve turned 38 - my big boy is growing up!

7. My maiden voyage - On a Bicycle!! Stephen is a quality cyclist and recently Steve attempted down the same path. I needed a taste, so I borrowed a bike from the local store and headed up Auberry Road to Sheri's and back with my brother. He was patient to say the least. It was a doosie for my first ride. A little nervous at times. Ok, I won't lie, I was a LOT nervous. But nonetheless, I survived and now have a slight obsession to want to do a triathlon.

8. Brady got his 2nd tooth

9. Brady got his first cold.

10. Result: A completely cluttered house full of new birthday toys, dirty dishes, dirty laundry, cranky kids and an exhausted housewife.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I try to set realistic goals for myself. I would rather set ones that are attainable for fear of failing.

For example, Steve thinks we should cut out soda completely. However, I feel as though that might be possible but not realistic. Rather, I'll just limit my consumption of soda. I will try to choose water instead, but giving into that occasional craving for Pepsi is fine!!

So here are my goals, and maybe a few hopeful plans to accomplish in 2010:

1. Get caught up on my scrapbooking!! - I am about a year and a half behind and have yet to start on Brady's album. I need to bust a move. I am planning a scrapbook retreat at the beginning of February and plan to attend more all day crops at the local scrapbook store.

2. Be more patient with my children - And my husband too for that matter. I am easily stressed out but need to try to relax and learn to enjoy and appreciate the wonderful family I have.

3. Be more money conscious - My spending habits are extremely out of control. I am not insinuating that I am frivolous with my cash but plan to think twice when I reach for that extra bottle of smelly lotion that I don't really need. It's the little things that up.

4. Look hot in my bikini by summer - I am talking rock hard abs, tight ass, and toned biceps!! Ok... please refer to the beginning of my blog.... setting realistic goals... hmmmmm.... well maybe the abs won't be rock hard but they are going to look good in a bikini. Just wait until you see what we have in store for next year's Christmas card.

5. Run in the Salinas Valley Half Marathon. - Yes, I want to do this and it might even help with #4.

6. Cabin Renovations - Escrow closed on our cabin in May, 3 days before Brady was born. We did our best to get furniture, beds, kitchenware, and things of the sort to the cabin. We scraped together things that we had while purchasing as minimal stuff as needed. We have an eclectic assortment of things yet our cabin is fully functional. However, this spring I would like to start some minor renovations such as fresh paint and knotty pine doors, door frames and new baseboards. Once that is accomplished, I would like to then start adding some decorations to the place!!

7. Better my photography skills - I plan to take another photography class in 2010 as well as take many more photos. Need your picture taken?? Let me do it!! I need the practice. Heck, I may even choose to make it a business and start charging. Maybe I'll even design some business cards.....hmmmmm. Wheels are turning in my head...

8. Attempt to eat more healthy - I am going to chose the water over the Pepsi and Subway over Chick-fil-a. Again, this doesn't mean that I can't have an occasional chimichanga at the the mexican restaurant at Bass Lake, I am just choosing to have them less as often.

9. More date nights with my husband - Steve actually added his own resolution to my list, however I decided to edit it for blog purposes. We will call it, "Date Night!" Prior to children and even after Carson, Steve and I managed to make time for each other. Our lives were constantly on the go and we were able to spend that quality time together which kept our marriage strong. But since the birth of little baby Brady, and the demise of the economy, we don't get out much. I am declaring here and now, I would like to spend more "alone" time with my husband!! Family time is good but alone time is a necessity!

10. Live each day to it's fullest!! - Life is to short to take anything for granted. I will continue in 2010 to appreciate each and every day and thank God for this amazing life that he has granted me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baker's Man

My conversation with Carson just went something like this:

Carson: "I wanna have a garbage truck AND a race car birthday."

Me: "You can only have one."

Carson: "I'm gonna ask the man if I can have two birthdays"

Me: "What man are you going to ask?"

Carson: "The cake man!"