Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I have a gazillion other things I could (should) be doing right now so I thought, why not update my blog.

After a few amazing days in the Monterey area without the kids and a couple days back at home with THREE children.... I would first like to say that I am glad for my husbands vasectomy! Jane was a doll, but now it is back to business because I just realized that Christmas is NEXT WEEK.

Enough with the daydreaming already.

However, among my daydreaming, I starting thinking about something pretty serious.

As many of you know, the holidays have always been a time of stress and havoc for me. I try to avoid the holidays as much as possible.

But this year as I was running for cover, I realized that I have TWO amazing children that I need that I want to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. I want them to look back on their childhood and remember how wonderful Christmas was. I want them to remember specific things that I went out of my way to make special for them.

So, tonight, I shouted, "Who wants to get in the Christmas spirit?"

And Carson replied... "Not me."

I have some work to do...

Maybe I should start with putting the Halloween decorations away and start decorating for Christmas.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I want to update my blog soooo bad!!

I just never seem to have the time anymore.

But I am going to make the time.



Monday, November 29, 2010


I can't believe that it has been almost 4 weeks since I have last updated my blog.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Wolf in Orange Clothing

This weeks contest over at I Heart Faces is the color "ORANGE".

I have tons of cool pictures with orange in them, considering that orange IS my favorite color and all...

BUT, this week I feel that the "orange" story is way better than the "orange" picture.

There he was, on his death bed last march, anticipating opening day for the Giants at AT&T Park. Somehow he managed to have a laptop and credit card handy to purchase tickets for that special day that he and his wife refused to miss. His dad told him that he'd figure out a way to get him there no matter what.

But unfortunately, Blair passed away on March 24, 2010 just two weeks before opening day.

His wife, Heather, my best friend and I, fulfilled the promise that was made to him and took "him" to Opening day. Notice the little bottle in my hand. :)

As a die hard Los Angeles Dodger fan, I swallowed every bit of blue pride I had and put on an "ORANGE" and black Giants shirt to wear to opening day in honor of Blair Weber.

It was Blair's dream of the Giants winning the World Series. And as you may have recently recalled, the Giants finished off THIS season winning the World Series.

Here's to you Blair.

And may I NEVER wear ORANGE and black again!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I Love My Car...

I love my 2007 Yukon Denali.

Yes, I have had MANY problems with it. It is sort of a POS. It has been in the shop numerous times, it was in the shop for over a month this past spring, it's kinda falling apart, the navigation sucks, it has left us stranded because of the battery dying on numerous occasions. It gets horrible gas mileage. It is nasty dirty because I let my kids eat in it. But on the other hand...

  • I love how big it is without being to big.
  • The boys have their space in the back seat.
  • My side view mirrors automatically fold in.
  • The back gate/door had a button you push to shut it which is super great when you hands are full of children and groceries.
  • Heated steering wheel. Nice on cold winter mornings.
  • Comfortable.
  • The service department at Kitahara GMC is great.
  • Third row seating.
  • Has remote start which is great during the hot Fresno summers to get the AC running prior to entering the car.
  • DVD player for the kids.
  • I even love that Steve changed out the ugly red GMC logo on the grill for an all Chrome one.
  • It's All-Wheel-Drive which is great for when I throw the snow boards in the back and head up to Sierra Summit.
  • I feel safe when driving it.

Well, today Steve and I are going car shopping. I hate car shopping to say the least. Do I really need a new car? No, not really. But the way Steve looks at it is that the car needs new tires, and wants to get rid of the car before the warranty expires, and as an opportunity to save some money. We are unfortunately not disciplined enough to pay for our cars outright, therefore sticking us with a pretty hefty car payment.

You'd think I'd learn by now not to get too attached to my car, because eventually Steve is going to make me get a new one.

But I will make peace with my inner materialistic demons and be face the fact that I will have to downsize, to in turn, save us money. Sigh.

So, if you have any car suggestions for me, I would love to hear them....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

TEN Things I am Wondering RIGHT NOW

1. Still wondering about what was in my purse...

2. Wondering when I am going to brush my teeth with the wrong one...

3. Wondering who I need to blame for leaving these in my freezer at the cabin this summer. Yep, Steve and I finished them off and have been addicted to them ever since. We go through about TWO boxes a week. They are snack size which mean we can eat TWO at a time right?

4. Wondering if this little one could be any cuter...

5. Wondering if this one will ever learn to smile AND look at me for a picture...

6. Wondering when I will get used to calling myself a photographer...

7. Wondering if Carson will stop talking long enough for me to finish this blog entry...

8. Wondering if Texas could actually win tonight...

9. Wondering if Steve is really going to make me get a new car.

10. Wondering if either of my boys are actually going to wear their Halloween costumes on Sunday.

Just wondering...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When Life Hands You Lemons...

Go to the Apple Store.

On Saturday night while at a wedding in Downtown Fresno, my car was broken into. They shattered my passenger back window and stole my purse. I luckily had a gut feeling about the whole think and placed my wallet in the glove box prior to exiting my car before the wedding. They stole my purse, along with all it's belongings, but thankfully did not get my wallet.

I was restless that first night wondering and obsessing about what was in my purse. I still am not exactly sure. But one thing is for sure, my Bvlgari sunglasses were in there. Big bummer.

Then Monday morning rolled around.

My car window needed to be fixed.

Carson was sick.

I shattered the glass on my iphone.

I was supposed to be on my way to Carmel.

Ready to completely loose it....

I maintained composure.

Steve took my car in.

My mom took both boys.

Steve made me an appointment at the Apple store for which I showed up 45 minutes late to.

They fixed my phone.

Thinking I was going to have to pay $99 for them to replace the glass on my phone, I was pretty bummed along with having to pay to replace the window on my car. I spilled my sob story to the Genius Bar. The guy said he would help me out and fixed my phone for free!! I started crying right then and there.

My car was ready by the time I was done at the Apple Store.

And 3 hours later I was sipping wine in Carmel with one of my best friends.

New window: $170
New iphone glass: FREE
An excuse to buy new Gucci sunglasses?
An excuse for Steve to buy me a new car?
Wine in Carmel with BF: PRICELESS!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo Blog Updates

If by chance you come to my blog and are disappointed that I haven't updated it since the last time you visited.....

Don't forget to check out my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG.

Maybe I updated that one instead.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


To say that these two melt my heart would be an understatement.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Web Pages

Photo shoots

Web design

Business cards





Business License

Web Hosting

And A Domain


To say the least, my photography business is launching into something I never imagined it would. I always thought I'd just be that girl who took pictures for friends and family to give them a CD with their images.

I never really thought I'd be a good enough photographer to do more than that.

I'm still not quite sure I am good enough to do more than that.

But here's to trying.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Sharktactular Blue Christmas Tree

What does the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, a wreath, and a Christmas tree have in common?

They are all holiday sugar cookies decorated with blue frosting, of course!

Blue frosting AND shark sprinkles.

Because a Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without shark sprinkles... right?

A blue Christmas tree with shark sprinkles in October.

But what matters is that it all tastes the same.

This is a face of someone that just dumped a whole container of blue sprinkles on the floor.

I will be cleaning up blue sprinkles for as long as I live in this house.

Hey Carson, does that taste good?

Hey Carson, can you touch your tongue to your nose?


Can you?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monochromatic Monday

I am always game for a scrapbooking challenge. Coincidentally, this week the "Salinas Scrapbookers" had a monochromatic page challenge AND the ever so talented Cathy Zielske just happened to post "Make a Page Monday" on her blog.

So, I combined them!!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kissin' Cousins

The saga of the Kissin' Cousins continues...

Cousin Stacey and Darling Jane came for a visit last week. Our days consisted of scrapbooking, Chick-fil-A, scrapbooking, a trip to the scrapbook store, and well... more scrapbooking.

And as for those cute little children of ours... we just let them play, and play they did!!

But here's the deal.

That Carson and that Jane.

They seriously have the most amazing relationship I know.

They are cousins.

They are friends.

They respect each other.

They take toys from each other.

They make each other laugh.

They make each other laugh hysterically.

The conversation went something like this:

CARSON: You pooped in your pants!!
JANE: No, you pooped in your pants!!!
CARSON: Brady pooped in his pants!!
JANE: Carson, you pooped in your pants!!

You get the idea... But really, this conversation and constant laughter went on for no less than 30 minutes.

They LOVE each other.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Newman the Dog

There once was a dog named NewMAN,
Who lived an the city of San Fran.

He was a beautiful black lab,
Whose laid back demeanour was quite fab.

His home on top of a hill in Ashbury Heights,
With an amazing view of the big city lights.

While Brian was in the Big Apple, and Jen at work all day,
In bed with me, Newman did lay.

We left Newman at home while we went to give support,
To Grace who was having back surgery of some sort.

Good new is, the surgery went well,
As for her recovery, only time will tell.

Back to the house to check on the dog,
We took sweet Newman for a walk in the fog.

A trip to the park so Newman could poop,
We waited and waited, ready to scoop.

This is when it became quite apparent,
That Steve wanted to be his honorary Godparent.

Unfortunately our stay had come to an end,
Letters of love we hope Newman will send.

We promise to visit again real soon,
Because of that darn Sports Basement I do swoon.

So until next time, my furry little chum,
Far away kisses from your Goddaddy and Mum.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shaver Lake Triathlon

It has been a few days now since I completed in my very first triathlon. The experience was amazing to say the least. I will try to tell you about it via the ever popular "TOP 10" format!!


1. SHAVER LAKE: We arrived in beautiful Shaver Lake the day before the event. We took this extra time to ride the 12 mile bike course, get acclimated to the 5,500 feet elevation, brave the chilling mountain temperatures, and camp out in a tent.

2. SIERRA MULTISPORT PRODUCTIONS: aka: Faron and Heleen Reed - It was an honor getting to know Faron and Heleen. The two of them take it upon themselves to put on these events. They are both amazing individuals and triathletes that have competed in several Ironman competitions including the world championship in Kona. Steve and I were fortunate to be able to help Faron and Heleen with the set up. While working along side of them, I was able to gain inspiration from their knowledge and experience. During the event, they were right there cheering me on. And their encouragement was just the motivation I needed to finish the race!!

2 1/2: THE T-SHIRTS: Heleen and Faron would be disappointed if they knew I blogged about the event and neglected to mention the amazing, thick, long sleeve, colored, hold their shape when you wash them t-shirts that we received for participating in the event. I will wear mine with pride.

I just realized that my pictures don't really correlate to my top ten list. Please just deal with it and forgive me. But notice this cute picture of our Steve's and my transition station. He set it up all nice and cute for us. I know, sweet, right? Well, it was sweet right up until some girl set up her station right in between ours!!

3. SET UP: We were privileged with the opportunity to help set up for the event. It was fun to learn just a bit of what it takes to put together an event like this. Helping set up made me feel more than just a competitor IN the event, it made me feel as though I was a part OF the event.

4. MY HUSBAND: I think my favorite part of this whole experience was being able to compete along side of my wonderful husband. (Well not along side the whole time, he finished a whole 15 minutes before me with a 1:22:55. Way to go Steve!!)

5. 400 YARD SWIM: This, my friends, was probably the hardest part. I practiced for months swimming in a pool, but nothing compares to an open water swim. It was a deep water start. The water was cold. Really cold. Neither Steve nor I wore wet suits. I swam. I gasped for air. I dog paddled. I gasped for more air. I floated on my back. Gasped yet again for air and then swam some more. The best part of the whole race was when I was able to touch ground, knowing the swim part was over. I then hurried to the transition area.

6. 12 MILE BIKE: Next up was the Bike. I was excited. This was my strongest part. My legs were jello. I peddled and peddled. 6 miles UP and 6 miles back down. It was also my favorite part.

7. 3 MILE RUN: Then there was the run. At this point my feet were completely numb. Seriously, I could not feel them AT ALL. I had to stop for a second just to let the blood circulate to my toes. I continued to run. Then I walked. Then I ran. Then I walked. (you see the trend). Then I realized, if I just run, I will finished this a lot sooner, and I ran.... Right to the FINISH!!

8. TAKING IT EASY: Every one's advice was to just take it slow. That is what I did. I took it slow. And I finished. But I feel that I may have taken it almost too slow. I finished at 1:37:01. Would have liked to have been under an hour and a half. But hey, I finished!!!

I also need to give a special shout out to fellow triathlete Shannon Puphal for her inspiring advice. Thanks!! I really appreciated all the encouraging words from her and everyone that shared their advice.

9. TC3: This is the local triathlon club that Steve and I are members of. 22 members of this club competed in the Shaver Lake Triathlon. Those 22 members were put into a drawing to win a few prizes. Steve won an $25 gift certificate to Sierra Running Co. and I won a $50 gift certificate to Rubber Soul, a local bike shop. Seriously... We scored!!

10. WANTING MORE: Yes, this whole experience left me wanting more. I actually want to do it again!! I want to improve my time. Get under an hour and 30 minutes. The Merced Triathlon is on October 3rd.

I am seriously considering...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

7th Anniversary

The day started off as usual.... Screaming children, poopie diapers and coffee overlooking Bass Lake.

Then something miraculous happened..

We left the kids with Nana and Grandpa and treated ourselves to a couples massage at Tenaya Lodge.


It was wonderful to say the least.

We followed up our massages with a little lunch on the patio at Jackalopes, the bar at Tenaya Lodge.

Connie, our waitress was quite chatty. I mentioned to her how I was in love with the French Onion Soup.

She told me that they had recently put it back on the menu.

The conversation after that went something like this:

ME: "Yeah, I know. I am the reason the onion soup is back on the menu."

CONNIE: (questionable look on her face as her eyes rolled). "Oh"

She then headed back into the kitchen.

CONNIE: (to the chef) "Hey, there is some girl on the patio that thinks she is the reason the onion soup is back on the menu."

CHEF: "Is she blond?"

CONNIE: "Yes."

CHEF: "I know who she is!!"

And my friend, the head chef at Tenaya came out to greet us at our table.

Meet Dwayne.

Then Connie arrived at our table a bit later with a chocolate cake in honor of our anniversary.

Little did she know, I am not a fan of chocolate cake.

Let's just say that our service at Tenaya Lodge has NEVER been short of fabulous!!

So, she brought me this amazing goodness on a plate, aka. creme brulee.

Notice, there are 7 dollops of whipped cream topped with 7 blueberries to represent 7 wonderful years with my amazing husband.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Shall TRI

"But the Rusty Old Engine sighed: "I am so tired. I must rest my weary wheels. I cannot pull even so little a train as yours over the mountain. I can not. I can not. I can not."

Here I sit, a mere 11 days away from the Shaver Lake Triathlon that I am currently signed up to compete in.

I am stressed and lets just say anxiety isn't flattering on me.

When I signed up I thought... "It's only a sprint. I can totally do that. No problem."

This particular sprint triathlon consists of a:

400 yard SWIM
12 mile BIKE
3 mile RUN

I mean seriously, that doesn't sound that bad, does it??

Well, I had quite a rude awakening this past Sunday when I attempted the course at Shaver Lake. The swim is an open water swim in Shaver Lake.

I tried it.

I paniced.

I swam back to shore.

I wanted to vomit.

Then we ran the 3 miles. I almost died.

Completely out of breath. Feeling intimidated, overwhelmed and totally out of shape. Seriously worried that I am not going to be able to do this. Defeat took over my body and I haven't even competed yet.

Since NOT competing is NOT an option and failure is definitely NOT an option, I have to change my attitude.

Then she said, "I think I can. I think I can. I think I can." And she hitched herself to the little train.

Steve and I are doing the triathlon together. Trying to stay motivated and encouraged. Not much time left for training.

Wish us well...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm ok with that

I always "shoulda won" but never do.

And I'm ok with that.

Two weeks ago I attended a photography workshop with a photographer who's work I totally admire. The workshop was a little basic for me but it was nice to confirm some of the things I already knew. That is always good in boasting my confidence.

It also was good in that I was able to network with an amazing photographer. That in itself made the workshop totally worth it.

Then there was this photography contest for all the workshop attendees.

I entered.

The competition was stiff. The race was close.

I rallied. Hard. Then my competitive, OCD nature took over and I rallied some more.

(insert drum roll here) And in the end, it was another mom that won the prize of a $150 sitting fee with Captured Moments Photography.

But here's the issue....

When all the votes were tallied and counted, I actually had more votes. Barely. But I did.

A good friend of mine even counted. Seriously, printed the lists, highlighted, eliminated all the duplicate and triplicate votes and counted, double counted then triple counted.

Maybe the actual results were tallied using a different method of counting. I am ok with that. Nothing really I can do.

But the competitiveness in my bones was let down. Of course I wanted to win. I was determined. But it was all in good fun and losing was not THAT big of a deal. Only KINDA a big deal, not only to me but to those who took the time to vote. That is what made me sad.

This friend of mine that was just as invested in the whole process as I was, actually wanted to send an email to inform of the possible miscount.

I mean, really, miscounts have been known to happen. I vaguely recall something about chads in Florida?? Right?

So, I begged her not to. I would have been mortified. I don't want to be petty. I just have to believe that karma will find me.

There was this one other time that I "shoulda won" but didn't. It involved a wet t-shirt contest in Cabo. Um... yep.

Some things are just not meant to be.

And I'm ok with that.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, it's official.

I have committed to taking Carson to preschool THREE days a week, M-W-F!!

Here's the deal...

Do I think he would have been fine not knowing anyone in the T-Th class?? YES, of course I knew he would be fine. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity of putting him in a class where he knows some of the other kids.

The option existed, so I simply chose the option that I felt was best for Carson.

And next year, his preschool offers a PreK class for those kids that don't make the kindergarten cut-off.

We are going to have to work on this stressing out stuff.

School starts Wednesday.

So, we will have to get as much slip-n-sliding in as we can in the next 2 days!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am "THAT" mom

Yep. It's offical. I am that mom.

There I was at Carson's preschool tonight for orientation and the tears started flowing. I mean really flowing. Like hide behind the door, don't want anyone to see me sort of cry.

And no, it wasn't because I was sad to see my little boy growing up and going off to preschool.

Then why you ask, why am I so crazy?

Well you see, here is the situation.

I was going to start Carson in preschool two years prior to Kindergarten. First a 3 year old class two days a week (T/Th), then a 4 year old class 3 days a week (M/W/F), then off to Kindergarten.

Side note to mention: His preschool is ALL THE WAY on the other side of town. Seriously, 30 minutes away. We choose this school because our really good friends own it, it is strictly a preschool, not a daycare, and has a very respectable reputation. No, we don't get any sort of special treatment (maybe a little) or discount. But changing schools at this point is NOT an option. We love it there.

Well, I started Carson in the 3 year old class the middle of last year (2 1/2 years prior to kinder). So, in reality, he had just turned 3 years of age in a class of 3 turning 4 year olds.

Have I lost you yet? Stay with me.

This year, I wanted to keep him with the "so called" 4 year olds (when really he would have been starting a 3 year old class as I had previously planned). But here is where it all goes crazy.

Because most mom's have the same plan that I had, their kids started (T/Th) in the 3 year old class, then moved up to (M/W/F) in the 4 year old class. Therefore, without wanting Carson to repeat the 3 year old class, it would only be natural for Carson to move along with his class to (M/W/F) 3 days a week in the 4 year old class, RIGHT?

And one of the reasons for keeping him with the 4 year olds was for him to stay with his friends who he could learn from verses having him repeat his 3 year old class.

However, I don't want to drive ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN 3 days a week!! And still have to do it again NEXT year!! So, I made the decision to put him in the 4 year old class ONLY 2 days a week (T/Th).

And that my friends, is what made me cry tonight. ALL of Carson's friends are in the 4 year old class that is 3 days a week. Not a single one of his friends in in the 2 day a week (T/TH) class. NOT ONE!

Confused yet? I am. Most of you probably stopped reading after the first sentence. I don't blame you. I am going to keep writing just in case any of you are still reading and want to give me your honest opinion on the matter.

Here is why it is such an issue for me:

1. Carson is extremely shy and the youngest in his class. I want him to be comfortable with the others in his class.

1a. Collin is his best friend. Collin is in the M/W/F class.


2. Carson is extremely shy. I don't want to be that mom who shelters him. Putting him in a class where he doesn't know anyone would be good for him to learn to meet other children.

2a. I don't want to drive across town THREE days a week.

So now I don't know what to do.

Is it wrong of me to want Carson to stay in the class with all his friends? Serioulsy, the preschool keeps them together for a reason.

Maybe I don't want your honest opinion after all.

Bottomline: This parenting stuff is really hard.

PS... Steve has no opinion on the matter.

PSS... Suzanne's opinion: HOMESCHOOL.

UGH, no thank you.

Pretty sure this does not make any sense AT ALL and just confirms that I am crazy.

Whatever. Just go with it.

Is this thing on??

Testing, testing...

Can you hear me??

Just wondering if anybody actually reads this darn blog.

I love updating it, sharing pictures, thoughts and things. But sometimes I wonder if it is even worth my time.

So, let me ask a favor of you.... If you do read this, PLEASE become a follower and/or leave me a comment.

Show some love... Please??

Could really use some today.


Love ya.


and PS... If you really want to make me feel special you can check out my photography blog, become a follower and/or leave comments there as well.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pail in Comparison

Here is a conversation that I had with Carson at the lake over the weekend regarding some other people stuff that had been left on our beach...

C: Mommy, look. There is a bucket in the lake.

P: Yes.

C: Mommy, it is going to float away.

P: Then why don't you go get it so it doesn't float away.

C: No.

P: Carson, if you weren't here and your bucket was floating in the lake, wouldn't you want someone to get it so it doesn't float away.

C: If I wasn't at the lake, I would have left my bucket in the water.

Pretty sure that bucket floated away...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

EVERY Morning.

EVERY morning Carson yells as daddy attempts to leave for work, "WAIT DADDY, I have to give you a hug and kiss."

Brady then takes his turn giving daddy a hug and kiss.

Then both boys go outside and wave goodbye to daddy as he gets in his truck and leaves for work.

Carson chases his truck down the street as he waves.

Brady continues to wave.

And blow kisses.

EVERY morning.

Monday, August 16, 2010

But not limited to...

My weekend included, but was definitely NOT LIMITED TO, the following:

  • GOOD FRIENDS: Sometimes I feel as though the majority of my good friends are still in Salinas. That makes me sad, however I am lucky enough to be able to visit them often.

This picture actually includes TWO Fresno friends.

  • More good friends and FANCY CARS: Alli, Suz and I went to Luca in Carmel for drinks. It just happened to be the weekend of the Concours d'Elegance in which the streets of Carmel were lined with Ferrari's!! Might I add that Luca is AMAZING!!

  • 9M ANNIVERSARY SALES: Nine Months and Beyond is a Maternity/Baby store in Salinas. Darling clothes. Enough said. If you haven't yet, GO THERE!!

  • SLEEPING IN: I did not include my husband or children in my journey to Salinas, therefore, I was able to SLEEP IN. Yep, in MY guest house, courtesy of Alland and Rolli Harmon.

  • HOUSEWARMING PARTIES: Congratulations to Sarah Clarke on the purchase of her very own new HOME!!

  • KEG STANDS: In Salinas among high school friends, no husband and no kids. I must have thought I was in High School again...

  • NEWBORN PICTURES: I had the privilege of meeting and taking pictures the darling yet most beautiful, Camila Gabrielle.

Buh Bye...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here and NOW...

Here are some things that are on my mind right this second...

1. I am wishing that I was down at the lake with Steve, Suz, Casey and Carson but instead I am up at the cabin with Brady while he naps. So I am taking advantage of this time to update my blog.

2. Steve is probably wishing I would bring him down a refill of his cocktail. He will just have to wait until I am done typing.

3. I am bummed that the bear didn't come again last night. We totally set up the cans along with my car again but no such luck. Suz really wanted to see him. Carson even wants to see him. Maybe tonight...

4. I am headed for a photo shoot tonight in Fresno. I always get super excited to take pictures for other people but unfortunately my nerves take over. Wish me luck.

5. I signed up for the Shaver Lake Triathlon, Sprint on September 19th. I really need to get my butt in gear!!

6. I can't wait for the Tjerrild Family Picnic tomorrow!! I really love my family!!!

7. Suz is completely relaxed having a cocktail on the beach with her favorite people. She has not a worry in the world. That is just what she said anyways. She just came up for Steve's refill.... (and her's)

8. Did I mention that I am excited and nervous for the photo shoot tonight?? Oh, and I am going to take a photography workshop with a local photographer who's works I completely admire. Watch out world!!

9. Think I am going to head down to the lake for a few minutes while Brady naps.

10. I love my life!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Bear Ass

There I was...

Plotting, hoping, scheming just a few short hours ago.

And did I really believe that the bear would actually decide to visit again considering he had only been by twice, let alone on a a consecutive night.

To tell you the truth, NO.

So, when I heard that familiar noise of the garbage can crashing to the ground outside my window, I began to shake. I may have even added a few aluminum cans on top of the garbage containers for added sound effects. Hey, I didn't want to miss him.

Well, I DIDN'T!!

The lights went on and he was there. I mean really there!! A bear standing in my driveway, eating MY garbage!!

He was BIG!

I was kinda scared and started shaking. I was shaking so bad that I couldn't get the lens cap off the camera to even take a picture. He walked away and there I stood.


And MAD that I couldn't even get a picture of him.

Back to sleep I went only to be awaken a mere hour later by that yet again familiar sound of something rustling through my garbage cans.

That mother trucker had the nerve to come BACK!!

You better believe I got a picture.

Pretty sure you can bet I will not be taking a late night walk home from the bar any time soon.