Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It WAS "Happening in Soledad!!"

From Blaine's homemade egg rolls to late night scrapbooking with Stacey, it was definitely happening in Soledad.

Carson and I just returned from a 4-day extended stay at the Wilson's humble abode! More scrapbook pages were completed to add to my 87 page total for the year!! I am continuing on my mission to get caught up. And maybe if I get motivated enough, I may even post pictures of my pages on my blog. You know, that is the cool thing to do, just ask Stacey or check out her blog!!

On Saturday night, Stacey and I even managed to escape the children and go to dinner with other mom's who poned their kids off on mother's and such. We had dinner at a fantastic meal at Cantinetta Luca in downtown Carmel. (I would recommend the pumpkin ravoli's)

PS... If you are allergic to dogs, I would advise you to stay clear of the Cypress Inn in Carmel.... no really.... there are dogs.... lots of dogs!!!

In this picture, make note that there are NO Dogs!! Only hot MILF's!! Yep, we all have children are still remain entirely too hot for our own good!!

Until next time, don't forget: "It is Happening in Soledad!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

AMGEN Tour!!

I feel comfortable admitting that I don't have much knowledge of cycling. I know about Lance Armstrong and that is about it. So, when one of the biggest events came to Clovis yesterday, I had mixed feeling about attending the festival along with the masses!! I thought maybe I would head to Clovis in the morning to check out the festivities then maybe after Carson's nap we would take a walk to Shepard and Minnewawa and catch a glimpse of the race as the cyclists zoomed by. I never imagined that my day would turn out like it did. (No, I did not make out with Lance Armstrong!!)

Kristi R, Carson and I headed to Clovis around noon to walk through downtown Clovis and check out some of the booths and vendors. After taking pictures with "Milk Mustaches" at the Got Milk Booth, we were determined to find something to eat. I really just wanted a corn dog but we noticed a new restaurant with a patio that just happened to be right at the 50m finish line!! AND even with all the spectators, we just happened to find an available table on the patio. We ordered lunch, made friends with the table of men next to us and waited the FOUR hours to the end of the race. We were able to watch the entire race on a giant jumbo-tron type screen that was among the finish line and in perfect view for us to watch from the patio. Poor nap-less Carson was such a trooper as he played and waited patiently with us. The masses continued to gather while we had a perfect front row seat. The cyclists entered Clovis, circled around the streets of downtown and raced down the finish line. It was true excitement as we watched them practically fly by! I couldn't tell you really who won, but do know that I was by, as my brother quoted, "the length of Carson's wee wee." Lance was in there somewhere too!! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and it was definitely worth it!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in the Air

I would first like to mention that I would keep up on my blog more regularly had I had a better computer. My current computer doesn't always allow me to log on to Google and has recently had difficulties uploading pictures to my blog. So, I am just going to make due with the "two" pictures it did upload.

Steve and I discussed spending Valentine's Day at Tenaya Lodge this year but didn't want to spend the money (considering we just purchased all new bedroom furniture for the baby and the fact I need a new computer!!) We were married at Tenaya Lodge so it holds a special place in our hearts. We have spent many previous Valentine's Days and Anniversaries there. On the Thursday before, I broke down and said the heck with it. I called Tenaya Lodge and booked our rooms!! Thankfully when looking up our account, the receptionist noticed that we were "Friends and Family" which allowed us for an unbelievable discount!! I was beyond thrilled!!

We drove up on Saturday, missing the storm, traffic, and 4 hour delay on Friday! We checked in to our Cottage at the previous Apple Tree Inn (now "the Cottages at Tenaya Lodge). Our room was decent but the fireplace definitely helped the ambiance.

Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast and headed out to catch our ride.... a horse drawn sleigh that took us for a ride thru the snow filled forest. Only then to return for lunch and to watch the start of the Daytona 500 in the bar. Behind Tenaya, were we actually had our wedding reception and ceremony, they had a snow hill and skating rink. We slid down the hill a few times and skipped ice skating. Then after naptime we had dinner then went swimming! It was super fun.

I must say that I am shocked by the current state of our economy. In a country that is considered "struggling", it is amazing how many people were vacationing at Tenaya Lodge. The lodge, lobby, restaurants were all full. I have never seen so many families there. To know what families spent on rooms, food and activities such as skiing, ice skating and sleigh rides, it is a wonder how our economy is "struggling."

We escaped on Monday morning as the storm began to hit, but made it out safely. The drive down Highway 41 was completely white and covered in snow. Absolutely beautiful!!
It was a fun family filled weekend. We are thankful to have taken Carson with us to enjoy the activites. Carson loved playing in the snow. We really had a great time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick Update!!

Yesterday, I took Carson to the Tulare Farm show. I think he was in Heaven. What more could you ask for as a 2 year old boy, Tractors and Grandpa. Two of his favorite things! Carson climbed on every tractor and pretended to drive, complete with tractor noises and all.

Carson just got new bedding for his big boy bed. He was so excited that he first climbed into bed and told me that he wanted to snuggle, "Mommy Snuggle!" Then he got all his favorite books and wanted to just lay in bed and read. It was super cute!

Last Friday night I got to go to the Leann Rimes concert at the Fox Theatre in Hanford with great friend Kristi R who got me a ticket for Christmas!! I still can't get over how such an amazing voice comes from such a little body!!