Friday, August 29, 2008

Carson's Anatomy

It may not have been Seattle Grace Hospital but Carson made his Emergency Room debut at Clovis Community Hospital last night.

Carson had been running a fever of 102 degrees for a couple of days with no other symptoms. Yesterday, he woke up with a raspy voice and a little cough. Nothing I was real concerned with, but was keeping a close eye on. Last night after refusing to eat any dinner we put him to bed. We had a full house of men making draft picks for a fantasy football league. At about 9:30pm, Tom mentioned that Carson was upstairs crying. I went to check on him and noticed blood in his crib, on his shirt and all over his face! I carried him downstairs into the light and saw that the blood was coming from his mouth. He started coughing a real deep dry cough and with the blood coming from his mouth it appeared that he was coughing up blood.

We immediately drove him to the ER to have him checked out. We requested our very own, Derek Sheperd, aka: Dave Stone, and Carson was seen right away. The diagnosis was an upper respiratory infection along with croup. The blood was from the inside of his lip that he had been chewing on. Carson was given some Tylenol and some prednisone, (a steroid) to reduce the inflammation.

We were released and upon leaving the hospital, Carson proceeded to throw up all over me!! The staff observed him for a few more minutes and determined that it was just the prednisone that often makes kids nauseous. They gave him an anti-nausea pill and sent us once again on our way.

As of this morning, Carson is still feeling a little under the weather but doing fine.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Permanently Hot!

I was a marketing major in college and have worked many years in marketing and advertising, so I truly appreciate a good advertisement when I see one.

In honor of the 2012 London Olympics, I thought I would share this one with you. I found it incredibly clever. Let me know what you think....

Friday, August 22, 2008

The First Supper

If you believe in true love keep reading:

Steve and I are about to approach our 5 year anniversary on September 6th.

My morning texts from Steve yesterday read, "I love you and appriciate you more than u know!!" and "You are a great wife and I think you are a spectactular mom!" It was time for some generous payback.

At about 4:00 pm , Steve agreed to meet me at the new house later that day. I picked up my car from having its oil changed and told Steve that I also wanted to go to Target. I really didn't have to go to target, but I didn't want him to head to the house before me. Instead, I made a quick stop at Steve's favorite restaurant, and picked up some take out from Tahoe Joe's. Then it was off to the house.

At the house I unpacked the card table, chairs, table cloth, dishes, water and wine that had been stored in my car all day. I called Steve and told him I was on my way and for him to meet me there. I put the table in the kitchen and set it with all that I had brought. I removed the filet, green beans, and baked potato and arranged them on the plates along with the salad and railroad camp shrimp (a Tahoe Joe's favorite). I lit the candles and poured the wine. My stomach was turning nervously while I anxiously awaited Steve's arrival.

Steve pulled up and made his way up to the house. He paid careful attention to the newest construction that the workers had done that day. As he walked into the front rooms of the house he continued to admire the wood framing of the new house and was yet to notice the table set up in the kitchen. He walked down the hall way to the kitchen and finally noticed the lovely table of food that I had set up for us! SURPRISE!!

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in our new house. The atmosphere of our barely constructed and far from completed new house was super fun. Several neighbors honked as they drove by, already excited for us to join the community. I am looking forward to our house in Harlan Ranch to be complete!!
PS... I love my Husband!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Carson and the Choo Choo!

I haven't had much time to sit down and update my blog. Sorry, I know how dissappointing it is when I go to view other's blogs that haven't been updated!! Hint, Hint!! (with the exception of Dean. Dean you are great about updating you blog. I get so excited to read updated blogs and look to the next.)

Here is a brief update:

The week after we returned from Bass Lake, Steve had strained his lower back and was in a lot of pain.

Update: Steve is feeling much better, thankfully!!!

The next week, Carson woke up Monday morning throwing up! It was horrible. This was the first time I have ever experienced a child vomit! Not only was it messy and disgusting, but completely heartbreaking to watch your child go through this type of agony. Then, Steve came down with the dreaded stomach flu on Wednesday, Grandma Heidy on Thursday and yours truly on Friday. Luckily, we had some house guests that were a big help! Thank you Maddi and Suzanne.

Update: We are ALL feeling much better, thankfully!!!

Last week at about 10:00 pm on Wednesday night I decided to take Carson to the Train Museum in Sacramento on Thursday. We were joined by Kristi R (Auntie K), Jodi, Emelyn and Delaney. To say that Carson loved the Train museum would be a complete understatement! If you ask him what we saw in Sacramento, he will reply, "Choo Choo." He may have come home with his first Thomas the Train starter kit and a book, and a video too! Can someone say spoiled. Nahh, just well loved!
Update: Carson loves trains!!