Sunday, January 25, 2009

Captain Underpants

Just a picture for today to hopefully make you smile!!

PS.... I have scrapbooked 51 pages already this year!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrating Another Year!

Carson turned TWO on the 18th of January! He was so excited for his train themed birthday party and told everyone who asked that he was "two." We invited mostly family and a few close friends. We enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers while Carson was focused solely on the birthday cake.

So it goes.... Steve finally decided on something to do for his birthday. After weeks of deliberation, a last minute decision was made (with a little help from Kristi R). I sent out an evite as well as text message to invite friends to dinner and drinks at Bobby Salazars.

The responses came in slow. (Kristi R claims that in the city, everyone responds instantly!) Only very few RSVP'd that they were going to come. We showed up and to our first surprise, my brother Stephen had drove all the way from Oakdale to wish Steve a Happy Birthday in person. As the night went on, friends poured into the patio of the Mexican restaurant at Champlain and Perrin. Let's just say that I made reservations for 10-15 people and 26 showed up!!! Yes, you read that right. 26 people showed up to celebrate Steve's birthday.... last minute.... on a Thursday night!!

I just have to say that we have an amazing group of friends, an extremely diverse group, but amazing never the less!!

Happy Birthday Steve and Carson!! I love you both!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Boy Mom?

What does it mean to be a "Boy Mom"?

The question has been stirring in my mind for a week now. The news of having another boy is still trying to sink in. I have tried to sit down several times and blog about it but I am not quite sure where my thoughts are at this point. So, today I am just going to type. I am so excited to have another boy. A little disappointed that I we are not having a girl, but definitely excited that we are having another boy. Just think of all the things that we already have for Carson that we get to utilize over again. The cost savings! $$$$!!! And best, a little brother for Carson to play with.

So, back to the real question... What does it mean to be a boy mom? Many friends and family have congratulated me on having another boy and some have mentioned that I will make a great boy mom?? Hmmmmmm?? What does that really mean?? It makes me think of being a rough and tough soccer mom and eventually a crazy mother-in-law to their wives. Or does it mean missing out on pedicures, princesses and long chats on the phone? Not really sure. I guess I will just have to be the best mom I can be and see what happens!

I am truly thankful to be blessed with two little boys. God had it in his plan for me and I plan to enjoy every moment of it. Carson is going to make a great big brother. We are excited to grow our family and are glad that we have wonderful family and friends to share our love and experiences with.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We find out what we are having on January 14th!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Ways to Celebrate the New Year

2009 was rung in at Kristi R's house here in Clovis. (Yes, Kristi R moved back to Clovis from San Francisco!) It was a nice little family night. Kristi R cooked an amazing dinner for us and the Heck Family. We played Apples to Apples as we awaited the ball to drop.

January 1st we began the new year with a whirlwind road tour of Northern California. We started off our journey to Soledad after picking up Joseph in Salinas. Our overnight visit with the Wilsons was splendid. Blaine made us tacos for dinner (ps... the sour cream was good!), Kylie made an appearance, Stacey made us aebleskievers for breakfast, and Jane just made us smile!!

January 2nd we were off to Vallejo after a quick stop in Salinas to say "Hi" to Nana, Grandpa and Uncle Billy. In Vallejo we exchanged gifts with Steve's Dad, Sam, and ate hot dogs at the local wiener joint!!

After our quick visit in Vallejo we were headed north to Calistoga. Keegan (Rene's Boyfriend) scored us a locals rate at Solage on the Silverado Trail. The room made our list of favorite hotel rooms complete with a contemporary style to include a pebble stone shower and concrete floors. (Other favorites include the Hyatt on Maui, Highlands Inn in Carmel and "The Level" at the ME Cabo.)

On January 3rd, we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in Calistoga. Keegan works at the local Fire Station so Carson got to play on the Calistoga fire truck. We walked through Calistoga and then finished our day in the beautiful Napa Valley sun at Bennett Lane Winery before heading to Sacramento.

What we thought was our final stop, was at the home of the Serrano Family in Sacramento. Carson played with Emelyn and Delaney while we played Scattagories with Jodi and Dean. Dean and Jodi treated us to BJ's take out then Dean made a special trip to the store to purchase Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches that I was craving after having them at Stacey and Blaines!! Darn those pregnancy cravings!!! Sorry, I don't have any pictures to show from our visit with the Twins.

After turnovers for breakfast on Sunday, January 4th we were once again on our way. We stopped at Sara (Dove) and Jeff Hendersons on our way out of town and were finally on our way home... so we thought.

We had been trying to book a cabin at Bass Lake for the Tjerrild Family Picnic this year and struggled with the arrangements due to various reasons. Frustrated with the situation, Steve suggested that we just go to Bass Lake and take care of things. So we did!!! To much avail, we booked the original cabin that we wanted... A lakefront property with a dock, beach, and fire pit!! The Wilsons, Hayes and Serrano's were able to get a cabin just up the street from ours and as luck would have it, Jimmy and Beth's Cabin is within walking distance as well.

Here is a beautiful picture from the lakefront house as the sun was setting on Bass Lake!

We made it home safely, shortly after... Finally!! Happy New Year to you!!