Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Through the Eyes of the Littlest Photographer

Carson must have my passion for photography.

He LOVES taking pictures.

And by taking pictures, I mean he LOVES being behind the camera, NOT in front of it.

While I was busy uploading pictures of my own, Carson was running around with my old digital camera.

I was in tears laughing when I uploaded the things he had captured.

So here it is,

Life through the lens of a 4 year old...

His dog:

His garbage truck:

His train:

Ni Hao Kai Lan of course:

A picture of a picture of Brady Boo:

His Mommy:

The Sky:

The BBQ:

The Olive Tree:

My Hydrangeas
(glad I'm not the only one who likes to take pictures of my hydrangeas)

Our backyard:

Dog Poop:

The sky AND our backyard:

The imfamous "SELF PORTRAIT"

Self portrait... Take TWO

Tenaya... Again:

The Sky... Again:

Mommy... Again:
(At least he didn't cut of my head this time)

Pictures of pictures in my scrapbooks:

More pictures of pictures in my OLD scrapbooks:

More scrapbook pictures:

Engagement pictures hanging on the wall:

Apparently he had to go pee during his photography session....
Because we got that too:

His feet:

Inside the BB Q:

The Sky... Again:

Tenaya... Again:

The Sky.... Again:

I am probably the only one who finds this incredibly humorous...

But I am still laughing.

Dog poop... Really?