Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lucky Charms

How do they learn to do this at such an early age?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday COW

Everyone celebrates stuffed animal birthdays right?

I mean, really?

When Carson starting claiming that Cow was turning three on his next birthday, I didn't think much of it. Then he obsessively (wonder where he gets that trait from?) started telling me that we needed to plan for his party. I figured I would just roll with it.

So, we made invitations and delivered them to the neighbor boys.

Decorated the dining room.

And made a cake.

Friends came over and we celebrated....

Here is a picture of Cow eating his cake:

Guests brought gifts:

Suzanne even called to wish Cow a happy birthday:

Perfectly normal right?


Unfortunately, Carson is already planning Doggie's birthday and Giraffe's birthday parties now.

Ohhh man. It's gonna be a long summer....

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's in YOUR purse?

On a daily basis I dig and dig through my purse looking for my keys... or my phone... or something hiding amid the mess on the bottom of my purse.

Yesterday during a recent shopping transaction, I instead of my wallet, I pulled out a half eaten sticky fruit twist left over from last weeks visit to Jamba Juice. It was pretty disgusting and I was kind of embarrassed.

I thought to myself, "Maybe it is time to clean out my wallet."

It wasn't just a thought, it was time.

So here it is my cute little nude colored Michael Kors hobo.

And inside it...

Here we go....

My Wallet - Yes, a necessity. It needs to be cleaned out too, but come on, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Checkbook - Only to pay the therapist. No, really.

To Do List - I probably make 10 a day, and don't complete any of them.

Glasses Case - Glasses are actually stored safely inside.

Receipt - From a recent hair salon excursion

Clothes Pins - Jane Wilson put them there during a photo shoot in Salinas.

Vitamins - Not sure why they are in my purse.

Coors Light Bottle Opener - Just in case? I have no idea where that is from either.

Chap Stick - A necessity.

Lip Gloss - TWO colors.

Cliff Bar - Open, half eaten. That was my lunch yesterday.

EmergenC - Generic kind. Thought I was getting sick.

6 pens and a highlighter - Because apparently one isn't enough

Business Cards - Love them. Gotta have them at all times.

Kids Toys - Duh.

Empty Container of Mints - My kids eat EVERYTHING!!

Sunscreen - Just in case.

Tampons - Well, secrets out...

Playland Tickets - Someday, maybe I will take my kids there again. Maybe. Just maybe.

Hair Ties - Three of them. This is proof that there is THREE of them in there. But why is it that I can never fine just ONE?

Gift Cards, Macy's Star Rewards, Coupons, Frequent Shopper Cards, Member Rewards Cards, etc....


A TC3 Temporary Tattoo.

So, I challenge YOU...

What's in YOUR purse?