Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Past!

Christmas has come and gone yet our tree still stands! I was really disappointed this year that the holidays started passing us by as we sat home sick. We missed a Christmas play in the tower, Steve's Christmas Party (it would have been our 9th one together), Tjerrild family Christmas gathering, Carson's playgroup gift exchange, Christmas Eve with Steve's parents and having Devin (because he was sick) for Christmas this year. We did fortunately feel better for Christmas day and welcomed many guests into our home. Dad and Debbie arrived with Christmas dinner while my Mom, Paul, Paul's daughter Jennifer, her fiance Carl, and my brother Stephen all sat down to enjoy the ham and other delicious holiday favorites. Yes, we had 9 people around our table for Christmas Dinner!!!

We were later joined by Steve's parents, Gregg and Grace. Then to top off the evening, the whole Delton family graced us with their presents!! (I mean presence!!) We had a house full!!

I can't forget to mention what Santa brought each of us!!.... Carson strolled downstairs to find a slide that Santa had built just for him. Santa brought Steve a brand new Xbox 360 with wireless Internet so he can play against Stephen in Oakdale!! And Santa brought me a new Canon Rebel Xsi camera AND a Sony HD camcorder!! Woooo Hoooo!!!

Steve, Dad and Stephen gave each other little remote control helicopters that they literally flew into the night!!
And Uncle Stephen made Carson an amazing train table to fit on our coffee table.

Many other gifts were exchanged and enjoyed by all!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Century of Life

My Oma, Ruth Wagner, is celebrating her 100th Birthday today!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

It just isn't Christmas until....

....we get to open the presents in our stockings that Santa has brought us!!

I must commend Cousin Jodi for helping us to recall our special Christmas memories. It has been a treat to reflect upon my own as well as to read those of my family members. I thought I'd share a few of my personal favorites.

It just isn't Christmas until.....you find the DT in one of Diane's Christmas cards (Jodi)

It just isn't Christmas until.......Patty gets the last spoon! (Barbara)

It just isn't Christmas until....I can silence Patty's competitive spirit after running a clinic in Apples to Apples. (Dean) -

It just isn't Christmas until... we wear oversized T-shirts and make up a dance to the Beach Boys! (Amanda)

It just isn't Christmas until....I get saddled with a Milli Vanilli CD or other undesirable gift after a fierce white elephant gift exchange. (Dean)

It just isn't Christmas until... We have done one of Aunt Julie's crafts! (Kristen) - This year it will be her maxi pad slippers!! I can't wait!!

It just isn't Christmas until....A new guest whips the egg whites for the abelskivers on Christmas morning. (Amy)

It just isn't Christmas until... I have shared a toothbrush (and no toothpaste) in the car with the Cheatham sisters. (Patty)

Gosh, there were sooooo many good ones. It was hard to pick just a few of my favorites.

As we prepare for Christmas, I am really trying hard to stay positive to that holiday spirit. This nice little exercise was definitely helpful.

On Monday, Carson and I drove to Salinas/Monterey to visit friends. We unfortunately had to cut our trip short, as I came down with a terrible winter cold virus. Only to have Steve and Carson sick as well. However, Carson and I were able to share a night at the beautiful Monterey Marriott on Monday night. It was like a mini vacation. The two of us slept in our big cozy beds of white linens and down pillows. We ordered room service and enjoyed sipping coffee (OJ for Carson) as we viewed the beautiful Monterey Bay from our ocean front corner suite!!

Upon returning to Clovis, I have spent the better part of the week trying to get better. Carson is currently fighting a fever of 102. Hopefully we will all be better in time for Christmas. Actually, I hope we are better before then, because I still have Christmas shopping to finish up.

No Coal for you!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Sleep or Not To Sleep!

Last night I put Carson to bed in his big boy bed. Shortly after putting him to bed I heard some commotion upstairs then it was quiet again. Hmmmm... I thought. So, I went to check on him, just in case. When I opened his bedroom door, to my surprise, he was sitting in bed with his aquarium night light on with all his books on his lap, reading! It was the cutest thing but I had to try so hard to keep a straight face. He looked at me with his little guilty face. His lower lip came out and started to quiver. He was supposed to be sleeping! I took his books away and turned off the light. He started to cry. I left the room, shut the door and laughed in pure amazement at his mischievous ways at almost 2 years old!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa,

I want Santa to bring toys and a baby sister!!
Love, Carson
PS. Thanks for the Candy Cane

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, How lovely is thy train underneath!

I had to post a picture of the pies I made for Thanksgiving that feature the amazing pie crust cutters that I purchased from Williams Sonoma! In my opinion, they totally made the pies taste better!!

The holidays have always been a stressful time for me. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old and during the holidays I always bounced between my mom's house and my dad's house. Wanting to spend the holidays with my mom but knowing that I was going to have more fun with all my cousins on my dad's side. As I grew older, the decision grew more difficult as well. Then I went on to marry someone with divorced parents who also has a son that divides time between parents. Mothers, Fathers, step-moms, step dads, mom's boyfriends and dad's girlfriends.... so many family members to love and even more to get to purchase presents for.

I am trying really hard to enjoy the holiday spirit this year. Thankfully Carson is helping me find my inner child that loves Christmas. Carson is almost 2 and is really excited about all the festivities. He is thankful for the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snowmen and candy canes. Every morning he wakes up, comes downstairs to open a door on the "train" advent calendar and finds a chocolate Hershey's kiss. But I would have to say his favorite is the "choo choo" train that Grandpa Tjerrild (papa) gave him on Thanksgiving to go around the Christmas tree! Carson has learned to make the train go forward, stop and go in reverse. A true train conductor with the most amazing passion for trains.

As my belly grows bigger, I try every day to put the 1st trimester of my pregnancy behind me. I want to feel better but every time I think I do, I have a day that I feel miserable again. When we ask Carson if he wants a baby brother or baby sister he replies with a baby tractor!!!

The house is another thing you are probably wondering about.... Well, the brief update on it is that we officially walked away from it. We have hired an attorney to try and recover our $30K deposit. Still no word as to if we will see any of that money ever again. Ugh!!

Well, until next time....
Enjoy the Holidays, eat way too many Christmas cookies and wear at least one hideous Christmas sweater!