Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can you say EXHAUSTED?

"Sit the 'beep' down and shut the 'beep' up" is what Kristi R told me on my wedding day as I was overwhelmed with anticipation. (However, she may have used a quite popular "F" word in place of the "beep.")

Part of me wishes that she would have that conversation with me again now. But unfortunately, there is just so much to do before this baby arrives. Every time I get a little bit of energy, I completely overdue it, resulting in complete exhaustion and premature contractions.

My Facebook status update today reads: "Patty is wondering if this severe fatigue is God's way of telling me to get some sleep because I'm not going to get any when this baby comes." I believe this to be very much true.

I think the wake up call came this weekend when we attended a fundraiser for the St. Agnes Men's Club, a Casino Night that included Dinner, Dancing and Gambling.  (Don't worry I didn't dance!!)  Then the next day we drove up to Bass Lake to check out the new cabin and have a Forks burger.  I quickly learned that I can no longer sit in a car that long.  The BH contractions that day were rather frequent and rather strong.  This child is sitting really low in my belly with his head pushing against my pelvic bone.  It is sooooo uncomfortable!!  

I am 35 weeks along and everyday I wonder how I am going to make it another day.  I could potentially go another 5 weeks!  Eeeekkk!  Hopefully the contractions are dilating my cervix and it won't be much longer.  My next doctor's appointment is on May 7th.  I will keep you posted!  

I just hope the baby's furniture arrives soon.  The baby's room is nowhere near complete.  What to do.... What to do.... SO MUCH to do......

Here is a picture of Steve and I before the fundraiser and another one of Carson riding a tractor with Grandpa.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Status Update: What's on your mind?

I think I have finally got it figured out. I have been compulsive and completely obsessive with status updates on Facebook. I was recently thinking that my addiction was not healthy. I wondered why it seemed that I had to narrate every hour of my daily activities.

Then it hit me.

Here I am... a stay at home mom who's main human interaction on a daily level is with a two year old little boy named Carson. Facebook has become my outlet to the outside world. I strive off of clever updates from others and live to tell my story through 140 characters or less. It is my voice to be heard, regardless who listens. It brightens my day when someone leaves a comment because it makes me feel as though someone is listening. Someone is actually interested in what I am doing.

So for now, I will continue to frequently update my status as my daily therapy. I will no longer judge myself as a hopeless sole with nothing better to do.

Belly Shot

I saw a really cool belly photo online and wanted to copy it.

So.... with a tripod, my camera on self-timer and a little photo editing, this is what I came up with.

I would love to reenact with an actual photographer but this is a start....

Pregnancy un-Bliss

I complain a lot about being pregnant.

I have a dear friend, Kristi R, that constantly tells me to blog about being pregnant in hopes that it will encourage me to never want to be pregnant again. I don't know what it is about being pregnant but I really don't enjoy it. Some mothers absolutely love being pregnant as they grow a baby in their belly. I just feel uncomfortable, miserable and tired and I don't enjoy any moment of it.

I am now officially 35 weeks and on the home stretch but feel like time is standing still. The baby's room is not finished (actually, it is hardly started). We ordered furniture and bedding that has yet to arrive. I had my hopes on putting a brick wall in the nursery but the cost outweighed it's coolness. The blinds I wanted were also discouragingly more that I wanted to spend as well. So, the room sits with an aero bed and Carson's hand-me-downs scattered everywhere.

I make an attempt everyday to try to not be so negative, however my tired body and mind takes over and controls my thoughts. I look forward to meeting Brady and holding him in my arms rather than my tummy. I know sleepless nights and sore nipples are in my future but I also know that looking into the eyes of a newborn baby will make it all worthwhile.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

There's a Place in France

There's a place in France,
Where the naked ladies dance.

There's a hole in the wall,
Where the boys can see it all....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here I Sit

Today I sit.

I sit in front of my new iMac trying to figure it out. I have decided that the iMac is pretty cool but it is taking some definite getting used to . We purchased the rather large 24-inch widescreen and now I have to wear sunglasses to sit in front of my computer. My biggest frustration thus far is trying to figure out how to print. The printer settings are confusing and the drivers are apple. Ugh!! I might need to get some help in this area because I just can't seem to get it to work the way I want to.

As for lately, I can't believe all that has happened in the last few weeks. I have been rather overwhelmed with emotions both good and bad.

Let me remind you what has been going on in my life the last month and a half.

1. My uncle Jim passed away
2. Attended funeral in Salinas
3. Spent a week in Newport Beach
4. Took Carson to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo
5. Shawna Kilbert passed away and attended yet another funeral!!
6. My brother announced that he is planning to divorce Cassie
7. Made an offer on a cabin at Bass Lake with my Dad and Debbie (made 3 trips to Bass Lake in 1 week)
8. Have already eaten two "Meals" at The Forks
9. Offer was accepted and we are now in escrow - escrow to close: May 15th
10. Celebrated Easter in Salinas (well actually, a ranch in Gonzales)
11. Purchased a new computer!!
12. I am officially 33 weeks pregnant and rather uncomfortable!!

After returning from an amazing family Easter, my agenda continues to be maxed out with doctors appointments, making meals for others, signing escrow paperwork, getting the baby's room ready, Steve's swim meets and fund raisers. My itinerary is jam packed. After an evening of overdoing it, my body said enough is enough. Contraction after contraction (just Braxton Hicks of course) and a trip to the doctor, I was told to slow down and take it easy.

So, here I sit...doing nothing but typing on my iMac and trying to take it easy. Carson is sleeping. My mom just finished planting flowers in my front yard and is now washing my dishes and cleaning my kitchen.

And, I sit.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mom of Boys

I get it now. It finally clicked and it all makes sense.

I struggled with the idea of having "TWO" boys. My heart was set on having a boy and a girl. But an e-mail that I received from a friend helped me to put it all in perspective. I am finally excited to have another boy and am completely overjoyed with emotion!!

What does it mean to be a “mom of boys”? It means grass stained knees, rumpled up hair, chewed on fingernails, legos and hot wheels underfoot. It means forts and battles--superheroes and video games. It means baseball, soccer, football, basketball, bike riding, and more... It means boundless energy and giggles galore! It means worry-- hoping nobody hits their head on a coffee table during a wrestling match or falls down the stairs as they race to bed. It means that everything has new meaning-- every curb, rock, railing, step, stair, and puddle is an adventure. I learned very early on, that if your boys come home with dirty clothes, it means they had a GOOD day! Brothers are a blessing! Everything is a competition-- who is the fastest, strongest, and smartest. They appreciate and admire each other-- even if they are reluctant to admit it. Seeing brothers together will bring tears to your eyes-- just when you think you can't possibly race one more hot wheel or build one more lego ship, they see their brother who is equally excited to do it all again. They get great joy and comfort being with someone who “gets it”. They will learn so much from each other and you will learn so much from them.

Being a mom of boys is a new and fabulous adventure and it will help you to better understand your husband. Boys are a different breed-- and they are amazing! Raising boys comes with great responsibility… helping them to gain intuition, understanding, warmth and emotional depth, perseverance, and courage… encouraging them to dream big and to believe in themselves. Boys love their moms! You will see love in their eyes and warmth in their hearts bigger than you could ever dream. I tell my boys how lucky I am to be the only girl in the house because that makes me the princess-- even our dog is a boy.

The boys drew a picture the other day of a king (daddy), 2 knights (the boys), and a princess (mommy).

Boys are very protective of their mommies and you will find that with all you give, it always comes back—even greater. As boys get older there begins the transition of truly needing their dad and all the great things he has to offer. We must encourage them and support them in this transition—all the while continuing to love them endlessly.

Moms of boys have a common fear—fear of not being needed any more. we like to secretly hope that maybe our boys will want to live with us forever… but we do know that If we do our job “right”, they will make it on their own and find someone to love and live happily ever after with… and isn’t that exactly what we want? We aren’t just raising boys, we are raising men. We want them to assume independence, fulfill their calling, and make their mark!

In my heart, they will always be “mama’s boys”, but my hope is for them to spread their wings and fly. So I pray my daughter in law loves me and pray my boys don’t forget to return to the nest.

With love,
Lisa, proud mom of 2 amazing boys…

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Butterfly Bit You!

Carson was outside playing until he came running inside crying and holding his finger. His tearful words told me that a "butterfly bit you" and wanted me to "kiss it right there." I kissed his finger and I asked, "a butterfly bit you?" He cried, YES!! I went outside to assess the situation. Carson pointed to the lavender bush full of bees and repeated, "butterfly." Ahh-haa! I took a look at his finger again. This time I noticed a little red dot and came to realize that he had been stung by a bee.

I have never been stung by a bee so I didn't really know what to do. I didn't see a stinger. His finger was just a little red with a red dot on it. There was no swelling and the redness eventually disappeared. He is going to be fine!