Saturday, May 24, 2008

Layover Schmay-over!

I really don't understand how incredibly busy life can get. It seems as though I always have something major going on. We are always going here, there and everywhere. I am finally understanding why Steve is constantly complains about just wanting to stay home!

Well, I finally have a quick minute to update you on our trip to Colorado Springs. It was actually quite fun. I believe that the spontaneity of it all made it that much adventuresome. On the morning of our departure from Fresno we flaked on our early morning flight to run downtown to the courthouse to get a birth certificate for Carson thinking that we might need it to get on the plane. In doing so, of course, the airport didn't ask for it, not even once!! I could have kidnapped some child and ran away with him but the airports didn't care. So much for security. That scares me!!

Back to our flights...
1. Our first flight to Phoenix was great. We has an available seat next to us that we were able to buckle in the car seat. Pretty good.

2. The next flight to Colorado Springs. He sat on my lap in a window seat with someone next to me. Miserable. Carson is not a lap child and didn't want to sit still. He kept kicking the seat in front of him and grabbing the poor lady's hair. Finally I held him tight until he cried himself to sleep with 20 minutes left on the flight.

Colorado Springs is a darling little town. We had fun visiting Jenny Grow in her new house and having lunch downtown. Hopefully we will make it back there for her wedding next May.

3. Our flight from COS back to PHX was probably the best flight. A very nice lady had an available seat next to her and voluntarily gave them both up to Carson and I. Carson was able to have the available seat next to me, but without the car seat. He sat and played and laid down in my lap.

It wasn't until the Phoenix airport that all s*&t hit the fan! We got bumped from our connecting flight to Fresno. So we waited for the next one. Opps! We got bummed from that one too. Every back contingency plan that we had in place also failed. It was miserable. We visited the customer service counter and they told us there was no way we were even going to make the last one out for the day. She suggested that we get a hotel room for the night and take the first flight out in the morning. The problem is that I had checked our luggage. I had only a bag with a few toys, a stroller and a car seat. Carson had 4 poopie diapers and I was out of wipes with only one diaper left in my bag. This is about when Carson lost it. He was so tired and just started crying and crying. Complete strangers were asking if there was anything they could do to help. I just wanted to go home! But we were stranded in the airport! I decided that I was going to hold out for the 8 o'clock flight. We were there... what did I have to lose, except for Carson's sanity!! So, we sat at the gate, not so patiently, and waited and waited. It was then that I realized that there were 4 flights flying out of the same gate with one of them heading to Monterey. Well, I thought, if I don't make this flight to Fresno, I am going to Monterey instead of staying the night in a dirty hotel in Phoenix. Might I mention, 3 of the 4 flights were delayed!! At this point we had been in the airport for almost 8 hours and were desperate to leave. Carson was still crying. A sincere young father, traveling by himself, with a 9 month old son of his own back at home in SLO offered to hold Carson because he thought I could use a break. I was just as tired as Carson but had to maintain my composure. I declined his offer but let him read a story to Carson and play Peek-a-Boo with him. I profusely apologized to everyone around. Remember, there were 4 flight leaving out of the same gate at relatively the same time, which meant there were lots of people having to put up with a poor crying baby!! I think at that time, US Airways finally felt sorry for us and gave us a last minute seat on the flight back to Fresno. The flight was an hour delayed and didn't depart until almost 9 pm. I was finally relived when we were actually in the air on our way home!!!

Moral of the story: NEVER fly standby with a baby!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Word of the day: Eclectic

I must say that my Mother's Day this year was much better than last year. My day started off with my husband delivering presents in bed. He gave me a little cross pendant for my necklace. While Carson gave me a beautiful tile with his hand prints that he made at Color Me Mine with his babysitter Suzanne. It was so sweet that I cried. Our morning progressed to breakfast at my mom's house. There to join us were Stephen and Paul. The crepes were rather delightful. The second half of the day is when the pampering truly began. I took the rest of the day for myself. I celebrated with friends (other mothers of course!) where we treated ourselves to some champagne, pedicures and an afternoon of girl-time. The husbands joined us for dinner to top off the day. I am honored to be a Mother!!

Speaking of motherhood... Today, I took Carson to go get his hair cut. He has always had so much hair for a baby and has always seemed to look like a little boy more than a baby. So, today I cut it all off!! No, I didn't buzz cut it but I did have it cut really short so we could spike it. I must say, it turned out pretty darn cute! The girl at "Cool Cuts" thought he was so cute she even took his picture with the Polaroid to post on the bulletin at the salon!

And that is not all friends..... Here is for the best part yet. Yesterday I received in the mail a plane ticket from my dear friend Jenny Grow, with a note saying come visit me. She is a flight attendant that lives in Colorado Springs, CO. I called her today and asked her when. She said, "TOMORROW!" So, in the morning, Carson and I are off to Colorado Springs. We are flying standby so please wish us luck as we will probably need it. (Amanda, don't send your luck!!, Well now that I think about it... Amy, don't send yours either!! I really can't get stuck in Colorado). Just send your best wishes for us as it will be Carson's first plane ride. I will post pictures when we return on Friday, hopefully!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Every Age is the BEST Age

The day I brought Carson home from the hospital I held him in my arms and told my friend Sara, "He is so sweet and so little. I want him to stay like this forever." Sara, being the mother of two, replied with the most inspiring words a new mother could hear, "Every age is the best age." As I thought about it, I wondered how or if that could even be possible.

Now as I sit and reflect upon the last 15 months (almost 16 months) with Carson, I totally get it! Carson has grown so much in the last 15 months. Every day I wake up to enjoy his dimple enhanced smile and his beautiful blue eyes and I feel like the luckiest mom in the whole world.

Carson is not a baby anymore. He is becoming such a little boy. He is very independent with an occasional need for mom. His laugh is contagious. I know every mom believes that her child is the cutest, but I really do know that mine IS the cutest!! Right now Carson loves to eat blueberries and strawberries. He loves to be outside. He loves to climb on everything including the dog. Tenaya is his best friend. He loves Grandma's house and his babysitter Suzanne. He loves playing with all of Daddy's old hotwheels. He loves playing with cards, the cribbage board and dice (wonder where he gets that from??). He is a great sleeper but can't go to bed with out his orange blankie! His favorite toy is his cozy coupe that we named "Lil Billy." He like to help mommy get ready in the morning by playing with all her make-up brushes. Carson loves to brush his teeth. He says Mama, Dada, Grama, Tenaya (kinda), shoe, bath, ball, bottle, baby, bye bye, night night and a few others that aren't as regular. He can show you his belly, his nose and give you a high five. He is constantly on the go and just so much fun. I hove him so much and am truly blessed to have him in my life.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ME Cabo

Exactly 2 years ago, we ventured to Cabo San Lucas for Cinco de Mayo. Not only did we have a great time but we conceived a beautiful little boy, Carson. "Hecho in Mexico" In honor of such an occasion, we decided to revisit our old stomping grounds... er... sands! We chose to stay at the beautiful ME Cabo Resort. Yes, the resort of many celebrity reality shows. Upon our arrival, the hotel was over booked and did not have rooms for us the first two nights. The concierge graciously upgraded us to an amazing suite overlooking the beach. This picture was taken from our room standing on our balcony:

For our willingness to move rooms during the middle of our stay, the next two nights were also upgraded by "The Level" concierge to yet another amazing room just steps away from the pool. The room had a huge flat screen on the wall with a Wii!! It is truly amazing how easily one can be spoiled. Yes, believe it, the picture below is the view from the porch of our room. The next one is from the pool looking at our room and the 3rd is Steve having complimentary breakfast on our porch.

There were many highlights of the trip. Too many to share in the short amount of time I have while Carson is sleeping and others that will not be shared due to their non-"G" rated-ness. However, one exciting morning was spent speeding through the sands on dune buggys! We took an excursion to the middle of BFE and managed to get really dirty. Steve, Mark and I were early to rise and headed out to the land of dirt, cactus, cows and more dirt! Oh, there was a beach too. It was really fun.

So, the story 2 years ago goes something like this...

Cabo + Mango Deck + Paco + Buckets of Sol = Baby Carson

We may have even nicknamed little Carson, Paco, considering he did come out with BLACK hair. Well, 2 amazing years have gone by and our trip to Mango Deck was blessed with the wonderful service yet again of the one and only (now manager), "PACO."

Unfortunately for the grandparents, there was no fathering of children this trip (at least not to our knowledge).

All in all we had a fabulous time and met some really great people (a shout out to: The "Dick's" from Grand Junction and the one from DC... Yes, we met 3 Dicks - a long one, a short one, and a "Rich" one.) We ate some great food and some not so great food. If you ever make it to Cabo, I highly recommend the Carne Asada Tacos from Mango Deck! Their deliciousness is beyond words! Adios!