Monday, June 3, 2013


Let's just say this life stuff is hard.  And hectic.  PHEW.  Who knew?  

I know I have said it before, but I really would like to start blogging again.  It has been over a year since my last post.  I am ready to start setting aside some "ME" time.  Some time to sort my thoughts and... LIFE.  

A brief little update since my last post of what is going on in my life right now.  

We just moved (well, in January) to a NEW house in a NEW neighborhood.  The new house and the neighbors had some big shoes to fill as our last house and neighbors were totally amazing.  And well, so far so good.  We LOVE our new house and our new neighborhood couldn't be better!!  To say the least, we have made some amazing friends!! 

We are in the process of putting in a rockin' backyard!!  

We have a pretty good size backyard.  It has been quite a tedious time consuming process.  I am in dying with anticipation as to how the end result is going to turn out.  If you need a pool guy, I highly recommend Bob with Signature Pools. He has been awesome to work with. 

I can't wait to post pictures of the finished project!!

We just celebrated Brady's 4th birthday.  YES, Brady boo just turned FOUR!!  Yikes! Time is flying. 

He is obsessed with turtles, the color blue, chocolate milk, his friend Marco and songs on mommy's phone such as Mony Mony by Billy Idol, Some Nights by FUN, When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.  

My photography business is doing better than ever.  I sometimes have a hard time keeping up as I didn't intend to work as much as I do.    I am very fortunate to have such awesome and loyal clients!!!  Check out my latest work on Facebook and be sure to "LIKE" Patty Schmidt Photography

Steve and I just competed in the Bass Lake Triathlon over the weekend.  It was my 5th Tri that I have competed in.  Every time during the race, I ask my self, "Why am I doing this?" and promise to myself to NEVER do it again.  Yet, I sit here and plot how I am going to shave minutes off my next one!!

Who wants to join me for the Bass Lake Triathlon 2014?  

Well, that's a start for tonight....  

Hope to see you again soon!



grace said...

So glad to see your blog again, proud of u all in the bass lake Triathon, u all looked great, wish we we there to watch, can't wait to the the finished back yard, kiss the boys foe me, pop and I have toys for them for the pool or lake. Hope to see u soon, pop has surgery thurs, oops don't tell him I told you, he doesn't want anyone to know, eye surgery, one this week second next week, so busy two weeks, Devin moving out on the 15th, as u probably know, got his own apt. One step at a time, love u all, sorry we all are so busy not to see each other, hope will change soon, we love u all, pop and g.grace, oh, did I tell you my first book. Has been printed, so excited, finally

Calvin said...

That is a huge house for a family of four! And it is well-deserved by the people who have worked hard to have it. The backyard is quite large too. Do you have the pool finished by now? I see a lot of opportunities in the landscaping of this backyard. Of course, it's so big! I know it's going to be amazing just like the front yard. Keep the blog updated so we could check it out.

Calvin Mordarski @City Block Team