Thursday, July 17, 2014

Carson and Brady's Lego Challenge

I am home with two boys that are Lego fanatics!  A friend told me about a Lego Challenge that she saw on Pinterest.  It sounded interesting so I researched it and discovered the a website that had weekly lego challenges to get kids excited about their lego building.  I decided to adopt some of those challenges and invite you in the fun.  What do you think?

I'm going to try and not get to technical here, but here is what I am thinking….

Build the following challenges and post pictures of them on Instagram (with the #carsonandbradyslegochallenge) for all our kids to see and share with one another.

Build the challenges at your own pace.  One a day, or all today!!  

Ready, set, BUILD!

1.  Build a Lego Car.  Any car, truck or vehicle... anything with wheels.   

2.  Build an electronic device.  Any phone, camera, TV, iPad or computer, etc.

3.  Build an animal.  

4.  Build something you'd find in the sky.

5.  Build something with only BLUE legos.

6.  Build a Birthday Cake.  Or cookies or a cupcake, or something sweet!

7.  Build your favorite character.  Minecraft, Pokemon, My Little Pony… you get the idea.

8.  Build a home. A house or building of sort.  

9.  Build a Lego Hat.  Can you make one that you can actually wear?

10.  Build your favorite food.  Sandwich, hamburger, taco, fruit salad??  

Use your imagination.  Be creative.  Have fun!  

Let's get everyone involved and share!!  

I am excited to see all your kids and parent creations!!  (you better believe that I am going to build too!!)  

Be sure to share your pictures on instagram and hashtag #carsonandbradyslegochallenge and #legochallengenumber)(1-10)

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